TRAILBLAZER - The offroad experience!

  • Regular karting takes a back seat to the excitement and thrills that off road karting offers. It takes the meaning of “having fun!” to a whole new level of “having a blast!!”

    If you like drifting sideways while you power out of corners, or, driving over challenging tracks that have cambers, ups and downs, water patches and loose mud, then you are in for a Wild Driving Experience! The Trailblazer offers a fast, furious and fun ride that is guaranteed to get the driver’s adrenaline pumping. It is a wild ride for anyone who loves a thrill.

    The Trailblazer is loaded with safety features like a four point harness, wrist restrainers, roll hoop, mudguards and pebble deflectors, mechanical disk brakes etc.

    KnK invites you to be the Trailblazer!!!

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KnK Colt C16

Roll Hoop
KnK Colt C16

Seat Belt
KnK Colt C16

Adjustable Pedals
KnK Colt C16

Wrist Restrainer
KnK Colt C16

Heavy Duty Bodykit
KnK Colt C16


TECHNICAL Specification

Wheelbase 120 cm
Ground Clearance 100 mm
Frame - Steel Alloy – dia. 32 mm
Finish - Powder Coated Red
Body Kit Red optional Black
Body Decals Yes
Floor Pan Plastic
Seat - Glass Fibre L / XL
Knuckle Race Type
Spindle Diameter 17 mm
King Pin 10 mm
Adjustable Camber & Caster Yes
Wheels - Fr./ Rr. 6 X 4.5 Pressed Steel
Tyres Knobby (15 X 6-6)
Rear Axle 30 mm Solid
Steering Wheel Rubber - Heavy Duty
Pedals Adjustable
Brake Mechanical - Two cable Yes
Engine Honda GX200
Clutch Wet type with 2:1 reduction
Chain 428
Axle Sprocket Steel - 55T
Bearing Housing Aluminium - Split Type
Petrol Tank Engine Mounted
Accelerator Actuation KnK Design Carburettor Pulley
Safety Roll Hoop, Sear belt & Restrainer