Sidewinder - Get Dirty!

  • The KnK Sidewinder (under development and testing), makes an ideal Twin seater Buggy for novices looking to have some safe fun. The KnK Sidewinder will makes driving over rough terrain to access locations on private estates and construction sites a breeze. They are safer than a quad bike; you are seated securely within a roll cage with a seat belt and arm restraints to keep your arms from being injured in the event of a rollover.

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KART Features (Proposed)

• Adjustable Pedals to suit various driver heights.
• Increased leg room and lowered center of gravity.
• Fixed roll cage for easy ingress and egress.
• The chassis geometry and dimensions add up to provide a comfortable and safe ride over fairly rough terrain, while making maneuverability easy.
• Four Point Seat Belt for the driver safety.
• Wrist Harnesses (Restrainers) for added driver protecting and safety.
• Rear Suspension - via a lightweight yet strong Swing Arm with adjustable shock absorbers (spring preload and ride height).
• The large diameter 18 inch rear tyre will provide a huge 500 sq cm foot print so that the kart can drive over almost all surface conditions without bogging down or losing traction.
• Front Suspension – using independent ‘A’ Arms for each front wheel provides a lightweight yet strong setup for added steering control over cobbled surfaces. Adjustable shock absorbers (spring preload and ride height).
• The large diameter 15 inch front tyre provides a 370 sq cm foot print for excellent steering control and handling over almost all surface conditions.
• Will also be available with an optional more powerful 9 hp Engine.

TECHNICAL Specification (Proposed)

Dimensions L – 214cm, W – 133cm, H – 141cm
Wheel base 158cm
Ground Clearance 32cm (chassis) / 12cm (sprocket)
Suspension Front Independent single A Arm with adjustable shock absorber (spring preload and ride height)
Suspension Rear Swing Arm with adjustable shock absorber (spring preload and ride height)
Front Wheel Travel 10cm (4.0inches)
Rear Wheel Travel axles 9cm (3.5inches)
Steering Direct linkage, Ackerman
Safety 4 point seat belt, Wrist Restrainers, Roll cage
Angle of approach (Max with 80kg driver and no momentum)     25 deg
Critical angle limit till tip over (sideways) 52 deg from Vertical
Transmission Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT) with reverse
Turning circle radius 6.8mt
Top speed 65kmph approx
Brake Mechanical caliper, 200mm disc with Parking brake
Engine Two options - Honda GX200 (6.5hp) and Honda GX270 (9.0hp)