PRODIGY - for Junior and Senior drivers

  • The KnK Prodigy has a 700mm wheelbase, which is specified by most technical regulations for the Kid Kart. It is designed for children in the age groups of 5 to 7 years.

    Technical regulations WKA Technical Manual (World Karting Association).

    The build quality of the Prodigy follows the same principles as those used in the manufacture of our race kart range. Dedicated jigs and processes including the “built by hand” tag goes with every Prodigy kart.

    The Prodigy was first built in 2004 for demonstrating at the national Karting Championship in India.

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    TECHNICAL Specification

    Chassis All 25mm steel alloy tube
    Wheelbase 77 cm
    Spindles 15 mm
    Bodywork Shatterproof moulded plastic
    Seat Size XSmall
    Brakes Twin cable - Mechanical
    Disc Rotor Petal type - 170 mm
    Hubs & Carriers      30 mm Aluminium
    Wheels Hi Impact polymer or Aluminium
    Tyres 10 X 4.5 - 5
    Axle 30 mm Hollow with snap rings
    Engine 4 Stroke - Honda - 1.3 hp
    Transmission Centrifugal clutch & chain
    Steering Leather
    Graphics Attractive graphics provided