December 2009

2009 was a significant year for us at KnK. We made several positive steps in the direction of growing our facilities and capabilities to help us establish a firmer footing in the extremely competitive world of karting.

Oct/Nov 2009

The Sri Lankan governing body and ASN have taken up a serious attitude to introduce kart racing in the island country. Being cautious to avoid the errors made with kart racing around the world, they have identified and proposed a platform that will ensure an even playing ground

August & September 2009

“Progress has been rapid, it has to be said, but I am still convinced that by following my long-standing concepts, we can win on the tracks, and I will not rest until we do. Everything is in place, and the time has come to challenge…..”

June & July 2009

New Parts from KnK! Our search for bringing down the cost of kart racing continues. The race rental Evolution was tested with various engines and tyres. The kart shown here is the starter level Evolution Club version fitted with a Honda GX200.

May 2009

Expect a bunch of new goodies from KnK next month. 40mm and 50mm hollow axles, rear and front hubs, disc brakes, carriers, wheel rims, front brakes and rear brakes, body work, steering wheels, tilting steering hubs, race apparel, tyres and more.

April 2009

Losing something along the way… is there anybody out there?
It is motor sports season again and thank the heavens for it, after a long break the circus is back in town, with a new look! “A splendid time is guaranteed for all, and tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill.”


March 2009

Slow down, you’re moving way too fast!!
In the early 80’s when Ozzy Osbourne recorded Slow down, I wonder if he knew how fitting his lyrics might be to us in 2009.


February 2009

Slum dog Millionaire - Turning Up at a Downturn!!
During these austere times nothing deserved the recognition and awards at the Oscars more than Slum dog Millionaire. Raising hopes and encouraging dreams, the movie created by lesser known artists and kids from the slums of Mumbai just seemed to provide the perfect ingredient. AR Rehman’s unusual and fascinating music creations turned focus to the fact there is room for new ideas and fresh faces to make it to the top in a field surrounded by the largest movie industry in the world, dominated by huge names. Call it the influence of dreams!!


January 2009

Hurry, it’s a slowdown.
A little after Honda announced it was pulling out of F1, Suzuki and Subaru followed with announcements of their decision to withdraw from the World Rally Championship. More recently Kawasaki announced that they will not field a team in Moto GP this year. The situation with motor sports is getting to be a matter of concern and many of the problems seem common to other disciplines of motor racing too, including karting.