Dominator TE - for Junior and Senior drivers

  • The Dominator TE introduced in 2011 after extensive testing during 2010 is proving to be a formidable kart in the twin Honda prokart racing scene. Instead of harping on what goes into making the Dominator such a brilliant chassis to race, here’s what some of the drivers have to say about it.
    Adam Clark – Nexus Force KnK - “It is by far the most responsive kart to changes I've driven. We hope to do the brand proud this year and next.” We were only 30sec off the winner, also driving a KnK, and if it weren't for a broken taillight, having to pit to fix it, we just might have won. These chassis' are unbelievable, they just get quicker and quicker each lap. The top 3 were on the same lap after 7 hours of racing, and although we qualified 4th, the gap to pole position was .1 of a second!!! HOW CLOSE IS IT!! I honestly can't believe a "budget buggy" can be so darn fast!
    Roger Smith – Didn't dream I would win first time out. I have driven many different makes of prokart, but the TE is the best! Awesome kart.

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    TECHNICAL Specification

    Wheelbase 108 cm
    Frame Steel Alloy 32 / 28 mm
    Stabilizing Bars 30 mm Front
    Finish Powder Coated Charcoal Black
    Body Kit Black
    Body Decals KnK Gold on Carbon
    Seat Glass Fibre - Large
    Spindle 17mm
    Camber / Caster          12 Way Adjustable
    King Pin 10 mm
    Wheels Magnesium 130 / 210
    Tyres Not Included
    Rear Axle 30mm Hollow / Solid
    Brakes Dent 4 Pot
    Petrol Tank 9 Lit Floor Mounted
    Engine Mount Included 4S