About Us

Karts 'n' Kitcars work under a special agreement with Visions, Concepts & Realities (VCR) who hold the design rights for all karts made by Karts 'n' Kitcars. From the first kart built in 1997 we grew to making a single model of rental kart named Genesis. Today we offer karts that cover almost every type of karting activity. In 2000 the father and son team of Indrajeet and Ishaan Singh started Karts 'n' Kitcars to manufacture go karts.

Starting at the beginnings of go karting, a complete line up of rental karts caters to the needs of entertainment karting facilities starting with the Baby for children of ages 5 to 7. KnK Rental Karts are currently available in 6 different models. Other facets of the range of karts from Karts 'n' Kitcars include KnK Off-Road or Dirt karts. Karts 'n' Kitcars make 3 different levels of karts for racing;

Karts 'n' Kitcars are driven in Australia, Canada, USA, England, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka besides India, while we search for established importers across the globe to represent our karts.

Karts manufactured by us are almost completely handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and welders using the finest materials throughout the manufacturing process. These karts are the product of following an unorthodox approach and studying karting from a perspective of functionality rather than from approaching it with conventional thinking. Based upon the firm belief that a kart must respond to the smallest changes to setting, karts by Karts 'n' Kitcars are designed to respond to changes to chassis settings and perform well out of the box with minimum set up. Our karts are not the typical UEK (Universal European Kart) built by robots but rather like the race karts used by the factory teams, which are hand built.

It is the ideal kart for beginners and accomplished drivers, catering to both worlds with surprising efficacy. Constantly working with the intent of keeping karting affordable, we do an impressive job of offering a world class quality product at remarkable prices.

It's a product that you need to test, which will make you a believer.

Truly a kart with a difference.

Humble Beginnings


    The first kart was built to the JiCA Technical Regulations of the then karting body FMK. The only form of karting in India was rental karting so we built the first Genesis rental kart chassis in 1999 followed by a batch of twin-engine prokarts for a corporate event.