INTEGRA - for Junior and Senior drivers

  • The President of CIK FIA Mr. Leon announced the CIK plans for the world formula kart in 2001 following which we made the first prototype KnK World Formula kart. This was March 2002, we were the second manufacturer worldwide to have made and tested the kart. The process of development since 2002 that the KnK Integra World Formula kart went through has brought it to the exceptional level that it is at today.

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    TECHNICAL Specification

    Wheelbase 104 cm
    Frame Steel Alloy 30 mm
    Stabilizing Bars 28 mm Front, Side, Rear
    Finish Powder Coated Charcoal Black
    Body Kit Black
    Body Decals KnK Gold on Carbon
    Seat Glass Fibre - Medium
    Spindle 17mm
    Camber / Caster         Adjustable SAT System
    King Pin 8mm
    Wheels Magnesium 130 / 210
    Tyres Not Included
    Rear Axle 40mm Hollow
    Brakes RR Speed EVO WP
    Petrol Tank 9 Lit Floor Mounted
    Engine Mount Included. Optional 2S or 4S