Genesis TS8 - for Junior and Senior drivers

  • The Genesis TS8 is built on a strong Genesis S8 type chassis, it is compact for easy maneuverability and storage. The Genesis TS8 is loaded with features that make it perfectly suitable as a family entertainment Double Seater kart.

  • The “Fold-Away” passenger convenience bar doubles as a support for the passenger to get into and out of the kart as well as a safety handle to hold on to while being driven.

  • Front wheel guards prevent driver and passenger from their feet touching the wheels. The linkage and leverage ratio of the steering system makes the steering light and precise.

  • The rear mounted engine is out of the way and the rear cover ensures safety from rotating parts. Controls are mounted on the steering to make it simple and fun for new drivers to control the kart more precisely using levers controlled by the hands.

  • The Genesis TS8 is a “must have” kart for all amusement karting centers, as a means to extend the experience and thrill of gokarting for little children, ladies and adults who do not drive.

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KnK Genesis SX8

KnK Genesis SX8

KnK Genesis SX8

KnK Genesis SX8

KnK Genesis SX8

KnK Genesis SX8


TECHNICAL Specification

Wheelbase 106 cm
Frame - Steel Alloy – dia. 32 mm
Finish - Powder Coated Red
Body Kit Red or Black (optional)
Body Decals Yes
Guardrail UV Protected Virgin HDPE
Shock Absorbing - Rubber Dampers     24
Floor Pan Plastic
Seat - Glass Fibre M / L / XL
Knuckle Cold Forged
Stub Axle 20mm
King Pin 10mm
Wheels - Fr. 130 / Rr. 180 (Italian) Heavy duty
Tyres Hard
Rear Axle 30mm Solid
Rear Axle Cover Fixed
Steering Wheel Rubber or PU
Pedals No - hand control
Brake Twin Cable Operated Mechanical Calliper
Engine Honda GX200
Clutch Type Wet Clutch with 2:1 Reduction
Chain 428
Axle Sprocket Steel - Choice of ratios available
Bearing Housing Aluminium – Split type for quick axle removal
Petrol Tank Engine Mounted
Accelerator Actuation KnK Design Carburettor Pulley