GENESIS SX8 - for junior and senior drivers

  • Our new top of the line Rental Kart for 2018 is the KnK Genesis SX8 which is a derivative of the tried and tested Genesis of previous generations. The chassis is designed to be extra strong and durable yet possess the required flex in selected areas to make the driving experience more race kart like. The Genesis SX8 is loaded with features and design elements at an unbelievable price.

    Features of The Genesis SX8.

      -  Light and responsive steering – A characteristic well associated with KnK Karts.
      -  Adjustable Throttle And Brake Operation Overide (TABOO) Pedal System to suit different driver heights.
      -  Adjustable steering reach and angle to suit the drivers' preference.
      -  New design layout makes for a tidy and fresh look – the pictures speak for themselves!! Also safer to get in and out of.
      -  Heavy duty crash guard, drive train and steering components ensure you have a long and trouble free operation of your kart.
      -  Heavy duty wheel rims from Italy. 20mm stub axles.
      -  The 40mm heavy duty hollow Rear Axle works on a quick and easy replacement system – for quick changes of a bent axle
         at the track side.
      -  Maintenance free dual cable operated mechanical Brake Calliper and Disc.
      -  A brand new slick looking rear shroud that protects the driver from moving parts. Also houses an optional brake light. (Brake light available with electric start option)
      -  Floor mounted fuel tank per the new safety guidelines specified by the International Karting Commission (CIK).
      -  CIK specified roll hoop and seat belt – meeting the latest recommendations drawn out by the international governing body
         for rental karting.
      -  Optional Electric start - The chassis is suited for fitting a battery, wiring loom and the necessary switchgear.
      -  Firewalls and shields protect the driver from hot engine parts and moving parts.
      -  Decal stickers can be customized with your track's name and logo.
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KnK Genesis SX8

Roll Hoop recommended by the CIK
KnK Genesis SX8

4 point Seat Belt recommended by the CIK
KnK Genesis SX8

Throttle And Brake Operation Overide (TABOO) System
KnK Genesis SX8

Light and Responsive Steering
KnK Genesis SX8

Heavy Duty Bodykit and Crash Guard
KnK Genesis SX8

Pivoting Axle Protection

TECHNICAL Specification and Feature List

     Wheelbase      106 cm
     Frame      Steel Alloy 32 mm
     Finish      Powder Coated Red
     Body Kit      Red
     Body Decals      Can be personalized with your Logo
     Guardrail      UV Protected Virgin HDPE
     Shock      10 Dampners
     Floor Pan      Aluminium
     Seat - Glass Fibre      Glass Fiber - Large / Extra Large / 2X Extra Large
     Knuckle      Cold Forged
     Stub Axle      20mm
     King Pin      10mm
     Wheels      Heavy duty - Fr. 130 / Rr. 180 (Made in Italy)
     Tyres      Hard Compound
     Rear Axle      40mm Hollow
     Rear Axle Cover      Included
     Steering Wheel      Durable Rubber
     Pedals      Adjustable with TABOO (Trottle And Brake Operation Override) Mechanism     
     Brake Disc Protection Shield                      Included
     Brake      Twin Cable Operated Mechanical Calliper
     Engine      Honda GX200 / GX270
     Clutch Type      Wet Clutch with 2:1 Reduction
     Final Drive      428 Chain
     Axle Sprocket      Steel - Choice of ratios available
     Bearing Housing      Aluminium – Split type for quick axle removal
     Petrol Tank      Floor Mounted
     Accelerator Actuation               KnK Design Carburettor Pulley